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Every child has right to be heard!


We help Child Helpline International to create a Multimedia Tool Kit for their “Free Our Voices” Campaign. Child Helpline International launched the Free Our Voices campaign to ensure that no child would be left unheard in 2014. After bringing together child helplines and a variety of partners around the world, the campaign had ended in 2017.




Child helpline international aimed to build a Multimedia Toolkit after the campaign. The toolkit includes the many achievements of the Free Our Voices campaign, and provides information on the types of partnerships child helplines can undertake, in the form of videos, images and sample texts for web and social media.

You can reach the toolkit from the link.


Animation and design


We prepared this video to tell the story of the campaign, celebrate its achievements and create a source for child helplines around the world to help them build new partnerships. Besides this video, we designed infographics and other visuals to be used in the toolkit. We also produced templates for each infographics that child helplines around the world can download and edit the texts in their own languages and use for their own campaigns. The main challenge with the project was telling the story of the campaign with the new brand identity of the organisation. We are happy to see that the final result is successful.


We are happy to be a part of this project and contribute to ensure that no child would be left unheard.

 Every child has right to be heard!


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