Children’s Cancer

This is the story is about childhood cancer and it was aimed to be told to little children who were already fighting with cancer. We helped Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer, known also as KACUV to tell this hard story. The foundation had two aims; one of them was to inform their audience about cancer and the treatment process and the other one was encouraging children to play in the playrooms of the Pediatric Oncology Departments of the hospitals. However, children in treatment are experiencing severe consequences of the treatment process.

According to researches, playtimes are crucial for those children and their recovery. During the playtimes, children freely express their feelings, which relieves the emotional burden of their sickness. This both informative and heart-alleviating animation aims to encourage them to relax as much as they can and actually have the will to play.

After receiving the ground information from our client, we started our research about the childhood cancers and focused on its effects on children’s’ psychology in detail. We read both medical articles about the sickness and first hand stories of the children and their families. We finalised our research by discussing our findings with experts.

There are main conclusions a child’s mind thrives that cause anxiety for them, such as loss of hair or seeing their situation as a punishment for their mistakes. Most of the children might think that it is simply their fault to be sick.

Our main objective in concept development was to clarify these questions and make them feel better and encouraged to play. Additionally, we wanted to assure them that their faith in healing was vital for the treatment process, which also had some side effects.

In creation of visuals, we created a child character who had cancer and got well to help children engage themselves and cherish the hope of getting well. We made research in children’s’ world of meanings. We learned that the image of umbrella represents being secured and protected. Therefore, we used it as a key element. Blowing bubbles is also a well-known activity especially for children with cancer since it is a way to make them do breathing exercises. It relieves stress as well. Accordingly, we built the playing sequence of the animation on bubbles and wind roses.

Since children under treatment would have low energy and might be tired, we set the tone of voice as slow as possible. Lastly, we added small jokes that may amuse them since sharing laughters is the best shield of protection.

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