Gender Equality Tool Kit

Our client Child Helpline International Foundation, known also as CHI, cooperated with us in the creation of their new Tool Kit which is now sent to all their members throughout the world.

We co-worked with our illustrative forces at the project and did our best in supporting their work in protecting the rights of the children. The illustrations are prepared as a part of the “Girl Power Programme” whose capacity and knowledge has built the basis of The Gender Tool Kit.

The Kit seeks to establish minimum standards for gender mainstreaming to be used by child helplines within The Girl Power countries and beyond while operating services.

As Bumbuku, we thank CHI for giving us the chance to be a part.

Please have a proper glance at the Gender Tool Kit from here. And read about Child Helpline International Foundation to enhance your knowledge.

Ps. Do you want to know more about digital storytelling for social impact? You can download our Digital Storytelling for Social Impact Guide-I.


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