Why do you need digital storytelling as a changemaker?


Actually the answer is in our infographic above. As you all know we are living in the age of information. Everyday an average social media user receives approximately 54.000 words and 443 minutes of video and produces nearly 6 newspaper long information.

However​, ​our capacity of processing​ information is limited so significant amount of these information​ can not​ be perceived by us ​consciously.​ And as a result, they ​don’t create any action.


Sharing your data will not trigger action


So sharing information about your last​ campaign or project is not enough for you.You need to tell a great story instead of just giving information.Your data can be releasing a shocking truth about the biggest problems of humanity or the urgency of your cause on its own. However, it has no use unless it makes your audience take action to help you increase your positive impact to fix the problems of humanity.  Sad but true. Although your raw data is incredibly valuable, it doesn’t have the capacity to inspire people on its own. You need to craft your data in order to – first – make people hear it and than inspire them to take action.  Your data makes your audience take action as soon as it tells a story to them verbally and visually.


Craft your data to create a story



How can you trigger action?


Here is the golden rule; your audience does not take action immediately after they hear the big news from you or listen to your presentation. They take action after they leave the room so let them remember why and how they can take action.  As our beloved Philosopher ​Walter Benjamin stated in the Storyteller in 1936.


“The value of information does not survive the moment in which it was new.

It lives only at that moment; it has to surrender to it completely and explain itself to it without losing any time.

A story is different. It does not expand itself.

It preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of releasing it even after a long time.”

People forget easily. Just think about your own experiences. What are your chances to remember a statistical data about a very important problem? Now think about what are your chances to remember a story which you can identify with your own experiences and be inspired about the very same problem? It is the same for your target audience, supporters, funders, contributors  and donators. Your story stick to their minds and then create an action.


Small Talk Heaven

Our Biggest Dilemma


However, here is our biggest dilemma,​ in the age of information, nobody has time to listen to a long beautiful story. All of us are trying to tell our own stories and we have no or very little time to listen to others. The whole world is like an event reception full of small talk. The internet is the hardest of all because in face-to-face conversations, even if people are just waiting their turn to talk about themselves, they are all polite to listen to your words and smile. In social media, you should tell a great, remarkable and visually appealing story immediately to make people even listen to your first sentence and not leave you standing alone in the middle of the conversation.


Here is the solution: Digital Storytelling Changemakers


If you know the rules of the game​ and craft your digital story well enough,​ you can tell remarkable ​stories which will be noticed and then ​stick​ into the minds of people and be remembered after a long time and create an action.

Here are the fundamental rules; you can download now Free Guide: Digital Storytelling for Social Impact.

P.S. If you need more help in digital storytelling, contact us tea@bumbukucreatives.com.

P.S. Second Photo Credit:Design IO LLC, interactive installations.


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