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Client / Amnesty International

Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. They are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. Through their detailed research and determined campaigning, they help fight abuses of human rights worldwide. They bring torturers to justice. Change oppressive laws. And free people jailed just for voicing their opinion.



Our Creative Director, Ozge Tigli had an interview with Hurriyet Newspaper. Here you can read the English version below.

◊ How did this project started?

– As Bumbuku, we produced this game for Amnesty International for the 70th years celebration of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I have been producing visual content with illustrations and animations for children for many years. This game project is a part of it. Our main goal is to help children think and discuss about their rights, while having fun.

◊ How do you play with this cards?

– It is a card matching game. It is played by matching all the 30 rights in the Declaration with the illustrated cards. The game consists of notions of universal human rights such as fundamental rights, equality and freedom. However, some of the rights cover concepts like legal procedures, which are very abstract and alien to the children’s world. Also, some of the rights involve very dark matters for children -also for the adults- like war, torture, slavery and imprisonment.  Nevertheless, we adopted a positive language while designing the cards. We want to show the children that claiming for human rights can be fun and hopeful.

◊ What kind of core values do the children gain with this game?

– In this game we put special attention to equal visual representation of girls and boys and illustrate girls in active compositions. This is what we care a lot in all of our projects. At the same time, we tried to let children of different nationalities, race and background visually exist evenly and side by side. The main value that we want to gain children is; while claiming our own rights, we also need to raise our voices for other’s rights and respect other’s freedom… Moreover, children will see in this game that all the living things, animals and plants also have the same rights, rights to freedom and should be treated equally.

◊ How can people get the game?

– I hope the game reaches as much children as possible in the whole world. Thus, the rights base discussions it can evoke among children splash also to the adult’s world.  The game will be delivered by Amnesty International Turkey. They first plan to deliver it at schools.

◊ What are your advice for the parents? 

– Unfortunately we are not living in an ideal world like in the game. This is a world that the grown ups fall behind to save the children and their rights. If we want to get on within the matter of human rights, we need to realize that children are our key allies.  I can also say as a mother, if we want to protect our children, no matter how old they are we need to inform them clearly about the rights they have. If only they know what their rights are, they can claim their and other’s rights. While we try to raise awareness of our children against the dangers of life, instead of picturing a negative and scary world, envisioning a potential world that will bloom with their own existence, acts and impact will be more useful. Let’s believe in children and their wisdom. There is no concept in this world that cannot be explained to them, if you do it right.