We conducted a half day introductory “Digital Storytelling for Social Impact Training” in collaboration to IFC, International Fundraising Company as a part of First Friday meetings. In this training, we worked with 20 experienced change-makers who had various backgrounds. We had covered science of storytelling, fundamental principles of a great story, stages of digital storytelling for social impact and visualisation of a digital story. We planned this training with hands-on exercises as you can see through the photos. This way, our attendees started to craft their and their organisations’ stories in these exercises.


Since all the change-makers attending our trainings have invaluable experience on social impact, we organised the exercises to receive feedback from each other as much as possible. Most of the feedbacks they got from each other were smart, creative and constructive. During our exercises we used lots of sticky notes, play doughs and legos. During some of our exercises, we listened to What a wonderful world from Louise Armstrong, Imagine from John Lennon and Ain’t got no, I got life from our beloved artist Nina Simone.


Ps. Do you want to know more about digital storytelling for social impact? You can download our Digital Storytelling for Social Impact Guide-I.